Saturday, July 14, 2007

Santa Barbara street performance

We ride the black Beam along the coast taking in the blue sky, the ocean and the oil platforms which demark the horizon thru the haze. Clay radiates joy and shares various insights garnered from the zoo. He's surprised and happy at the zoo manager's willingness to refund the money. While I concentrated on playing, he closely monitored the elephants' reaction to the low range, midrange and high range didjeridoo vibrations. He excitedly related how much he felt the elephants' enjoyed the blessing. We relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

The tension then began to turn up as we began to worry about parking and where our playing location would be. Clay confidently took charge. "We should drive along State Street and see where the action is." My nervousness made me want to park in a familiar lot but I recognized the time had come for me to submit once again and allow Clay to lead. He pointed out an area that was perpendicular to state street - a kind of red brick road/alley - just for humans - bordered by a restaurant's outdoor seating (enclosed with a black iron fence) - and store fronts on both sides. We found the shade and set up. Before we could begin, a friendly policeman dressed neatly in a white shirt and uniform, politley informed us that we needed a permit to bless the humans because this prominade was 'private property'. He clearly felt a bit sorry that he had to be the one to stop us and even stated the he owned a didjeridoo as well.

After thanking him for his hospitable rejection of our blessing, we scouted along State Street - where no permit is needed - and found a spot that had a nice white concave wall around us. We carefully rolled out our yoga mats and focussed on the small details of setting up the altar/stage.

Initially as I began to play my meditation device, various thoughts came up. This is kind of common so it is easy to name them: doubt, fear of looking stupid, wasting my time, I am a loser. I just keep playing and let these thought burn away like the early morning fog and the sun. Within minutes, I am feeling light all around me and I hear some of the passer bys say: "He is singing." This is a moment that I enjoy. Most are unable to grasp that I am singing while circular breathing and that my breath is strong enough to easily push the sound out and even throw it various distances before the sound blooms, like a dog or a crow or a dolphin etc.

After an hour or so, we have made 8 dollars. Enough to cover parking and gasolene. Radar Sherpa exists to bless bliss the world. Inquiries are welcome. The seed has sprouted. You have not seen anything... yet.

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