Saturday, July 21, 2007

Radar Sherpa sits in with SugarCream

Last night, at Sacred Space, Radar Sherpa sat in with SugarCream. It was an impromtu performance and left us all in high spirits. In between a SugarCream set, Brad pulled out his hand drum and began to lay down a vibrant rhythm charged with love and joy. I pulled my timber didge from its plastic sheath and began to play along. Within a minute, a microphone was place in front of my didge and I began to chant Tibetan Buddhist style. Clay began his magnificent, gravity defying acrobatics and an enormous circle of space formed around him as the onlookers jaws dropped to the floor. Sundance joined in, sitting on the stage, he began laying down thick electric guitar riffs which enveloped the soundscape like rainbow lightning - adding to the magical music and creating a dreamtime never encountered before. Sean intensified the backdrop drone with well chosen chords and the party collectively broke thru the atmosphere leaving us all breathless, energized and at peace.

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