Sunday, July 15, 2007

Radar Sherpa's formation

Michael Didj rode his black Beam to the ocean surrounded by music with his 8 foot fun board in the back seat. When he arrived at the edge, he observed the smallish waves but still wanted to get wet and stand up on a couple of these little ripples. Alas, when he soon realized that he had left his wet suit behind. Checking the ocean temperature with a couple toes and foot was enough to give up on the idea of surfing this day. Before departing, Keenan decided to get out the timber slide didge and let loose with some chanting, didjing and invoking. Soon, a small crowd gathered aorund and he stopped to answer various questions. All were so respectful and curious that he felt a warm glow in his heart, happily knowing that he had been making things brighter for more than just himself. Clay appears seemingly out of nowhere. Keenan concludes his discourse with the random public and begins to converse with Clay.

Turns out that Clay had been heading down 101 S to got to LA. When he approached the Seaward exit, he told Didj that he could hear his didge playing and changed his plans: he dicided to go the ocean and chant. When he chanted for a bit on the shore he heard my didge playing and started heading up the board walk and this is where he found Didj, playing and talking with the curious crowd.

They hung out for a while and soon began to realize common goals and interests. The band had formed and they celebrated at a bar, watching the baseball allstar game.
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