Sunday, July 22, 2007

L.A. adventure

Radar Sherpa cruised down to Los Angelas yesterday. We scouted out locations for street performing. We learned that in order to perform in Santa Monica's Prominade, one need's to purchase a permit at the court house. The massive amounts of people that we encountered overwelmed this camper. Locating a restroom became one of the many challenges. Just walking down the side walk required full attention and quick thinking. At one point, I heard a "Left, left, left! LEFT!" I move just in time to avoid being run over by an old lady on a bicycle, barreling down the sidewalk, angry and annoyed at my poor response time.

Startled, I say: "Get off the side walk."

"Get on your ass!" She yells, disappearing around a corner before I can respond with a witty rejoinder.

Clay just laughs at my sputtering. We stop in Yankee Doodle and after my rest room inspection, I find him at a table near the entrance. Every wall in this place is filled with giant flat sceen televisions. There are soccer games and baseball games and the place is filled with hundreds of folks. We check the menu and I order a bottle of water from the waitress and ask for a lemon. We end up leaving after she charges me $5.00 for the $4.00 water and she never gave me a lemon wedge.

The next half of the evening involved out attending CD release/healer's fair at Yoga West. This turns out to be a blast with all kinds of characters and many cute young girls. Clay is in heaven and he easily mingles and enjoys the well deserved attention that he generates with his open smile and good looks.

We don't have any cards but I write down the Radar Sherpa website for the curious. They serve Indian food refreshing Yogi Tea, healthy and delicious Bliss Balls and way too many cookies. We did not arrive back in the Ojai Valley until 3:30AM. The night felt like a whole new door of possibilities opening up.

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