Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Healers' Fair at *Yoga West* NOV 10 Saturday night 7PM

Radar Sherpa will be performing this Saturday night 7PM at Yoga West located at 1535 Robertson Blvd, L.A., California. The band will consist of 2 musicians and a movement artist. I'll[Mike DiDj] be playing the didjeridoo with Raphael on the tongue drum. Rafael has a special gift. When you hear him play, you immediately ease into a blissful trance. When we play together, the world slips away and you are left in the ecstatic dreamtime. Clay will help interpret the sonic symphony with his own remarkble and distictive style mixing grace and power in ways never seen before. He has elements of ballet, martial arts and yoga fused together. I combine many different techniques in my didge playing - one of them being genuine Tibetan Buddhist chanting, designed and refined to tune your endocrine (chakra) system. Our set will last approximately 45 minutes and begins shortly after 8PM.

Come on out for a great time. It is 20 dollars to get in. There will be two performances and various healers from a vast array of healing traditions offering their services gratis.
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